SuperWhoLock, YouTube, Taylor Swift, and a
Rollarcoaster of Emotions
  • adreamingking:

    • trans people are not better than cis people and vice versa
    • gay people are not better than straight people and vice versa
    • black people are not better than white people and vice versa
    • autistic people are not better than allistic people and vice versa
    • fat people are not better than thin people and vice versa
    • women are not better than men and vice versa
    • minorities are not better than majorities and vice versa
    • you are not better than someone because you are different from them

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  • hopelessmodelx:




    pls stop reblogging
    this is not how I want to be remembered

    that hijab looks like some grandma’s sweater became sentient

    Lmfao love her 😭

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    this will be my child


    She is right about Columbus though.

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  • Taylor Swift on Emma Watson’s UN speech and (last 2 gifs) on not “acting up” like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears (x)

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  • ophi1ia:

    I wish I went to detention for 9 hours and came out with 3 new best friends and a boyfriend why am I not in an 80’s movie

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  • At some point you just gotta have to forget about it, forget about your ego and get on the dance floor- Kit Harington

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  • GET TO KNOW ME MEME: My ultimate favorite person » taylorswift 

    "Hats and scarves and knee socks and wearing tights for the first time in months and when the mornings are all chilly and you can see your breath and draw little pictures on foggy windows and plaid stuff and ANKLE BOOTS and not caring when people make fun of pumpkin flavored stuff cause you LOVE IT and are happy it’s all the rage and people who dress their dogs in costumes on Halloween and fires in fireplaces and maroon/hunter green/mustard yellow color combos and baking your first fall batch of cookies but you put too much cinnamon in it because you’re TOO EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S FALL. #heavybreathing"

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  • Reblog If You Can Take Off Your Bra Without Taking Your Shirt Off.








    Girl’s are amazing

    I think we broke the notes…

    i feel like i’m reblogging history. “the post that broke the notes”



    what the heLL

    where is it

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  • thalamtnafsee:


    my friend and i had to break a social norm for our sociology class so we drove around and catcalled boys (and one male teacher omfg) and they all looked so alarmed and confused and like they thought we were straight up crazy it was priceless and it rlly highlighted the fact that women just expect to be harassed when walking down the street whereas guys are just completely taken aback by it

    this is a really important thing for people to understand

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    pls stop reblogging
    this is not how I want to be remembered

    TTTTTTTTOooooooooooooooooooooooo lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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